What is Sound healing?

From Hindu mantras to Siberian shaman’s drum to Amazonian ayahuasca icaros - sound has been used for millennia by different cultures to change the energy and to alter physical state, to bring healing and transformation.

Recent scientific studies now also confirm that through the phenomena of entrainment our brainwaves adjust to the wavelength of the sound, allowing us to use specific frequencies to facilitate different physical and emotional states.

Every organ of our body, every energetic centre has its own frequency, its own sound. 

We have studied and practiced different healing traditions that utilize sound as one of our tools to offer this healing experience and bring peace, joy and relaxation into lives of everyone. 

We strongly believe that contemporary world needs connection now more than ever.

Connection between individuals, connection between people and nature, and connection within ourselves - between our hearts and minds.

Our sound healing events were created specifically to facilitate a space to strengthen these connections. We aim to provide regular and accessible healing practice to the larger community.


Shamanic Sound Circle

is an inclusive space where we come together to co-create the soundscapes for each other with an intention to support healing, growth, learning and insight.

Let your heart guide you, hear your inner voice, take a look at the signs and messages that are waiting to be discovered.

As a group, we will be co-creating a healing soundscape for a receiver. Participants will take turns in receiving - journeying through the soundscape.

No previous musical experience is necessary. User-friendly instruments will be provided. You may bring your favourite instruments, if you have any.

Due to the very personal and interactive nature of this event it is being suspended until the social distancing restrictions are lifted.





Project Mariri  is a collaboration between Mariya Garnet and Masha Andreeva based on their longstanding dedication to using music as medicine.

Their experience with traditional healing modalities of South and North America and Eurasia informs their shared values that nature is sacred and that we are all interconnected in the web of life on Mother Earth.

Masha and Mariya are integrating years of traditional apprenticeship with formal western education in psychology and psychotherapy to create safe space filled with healing sound for groups and individuals to journey through soundscapes.

"Mariri" means Force of Nature/Forest for Indigenous people of the Amazon, we feel that the name strongly correlates to our belief that nature is sacred and we are part of it.  "Mariri" is also a tribute to our plant medicine work.

Mariya Garnet

Mariya Garnet is a medicine woman, sound healer and Neuro Shamanic Practitioner.

She combines over a decade of training and independent practice of plant spirit shamanism, using music as medicine and working with innovative therapeutic techniques to facilitate wellbeing and healing within herself and others.

You can learn more about Mariya and the work that she does on her own website www.mariyagarnet.com

Masha Andreeva

Masha Andreeva is a student of art therapy at Toronto Art Therapy Institute.


She is also a certified yoga instructor and has studied traditional shamanic therapeutic modalities in Peruvian Amazon. In Canada Masha studied music as medicine with Gary Diggins.

Masha has led dozens of mindfulness retreats and has been facilitating various workshops for 15 years.

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